A corporation is considered to be a distinct legal entity (legal person), separate from its shareholders (owners), directors and officers. It may own real estate or other property in its own name, may acquire rights, may be responsible for obligations and liabilities, may enter into contracts and agreements, etc. A corporation provides limited liability, protection of business name, continuity of business, better tax planning opportunities, and flexible ownership and management structure.

  • We will assist in forming both Federal and Provincial corporations. We can also help you with incorporating non-for-profit corporations.
  • Non-residents are entitled to register a corporation as well. We help in providing incorporation related services, accounting and income tax services to non-residents.
Step 1 : Meeting with Client
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Initial meeting with client to understand the detailed requirements
Step 2 : Proposal Preparation
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Proposal preparation including fee estimates & signing off service agreement
Step 3 : Allocation of Brillion Team Members
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Allocation of Brillion team members to support client needs
Step 4 : Periodic Updates and Meetings with Clients
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Periodic updates and meetings with clients on progress & deadlines
Step 5 : Review, Discussion and Finalization
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Review, discussion and finalization of deliverables with clients
Step 6 : Follow up after Service Delivery
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Follow up after service delivery and continuous communication on future plans
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