Everyone at Brillion is a member of a family with long term career vision and relationships. Our core values are Trust, Transparency, Accountability and of course longer-term relationships. Our Culture helps everyone to prosper according to their niche so that they can get the best out of their skills and personalities. We believe in a longer-term relationship not only with our clients but within our Brillion family members. Our focus is on providing

  • A friendly and respectful work environment for our team,
  • Understanding specific skills of team members so that they can be elevated based on their skill-sets and career goals and personal ambitions,
  • Keeping a work-life balance for our team members and striving for better financial and non-financial solutions for members of our Brillion family.

Our team members are our real assets and we are always proud of the contributions and support in making Brillion family. We will keep building our Brillion family more and more strong by following our core values of Trust, Transparency, Accountability and Longer- Term relationshi

Looking for employment opportunities

We always welcome new and experienced talent for our group and for our clients in businesses like Accounting, Income Taxes, Finance, Financial Planning, Information Technology, Real Estate advisory, Loans and Mortgages advisory and more. Please forward you details on .

Want to become a business owner

We at Brillion Group can assist you in fulfilling your dreams to become a business owner. We can find a business of your choice in service oriented, manufacturing, medical, transport, restaurants, retail, motels and various other sectors. We may help in the business selection, due diligence process and financing options for the business based on your specific requirements. We can even support you to become business owners without any significant investment in service sector opportunities. Please forward you details on .

Step 1 : Meeting with Client
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Initial meeting with client to understand the detailed requirements
Step 2 : Proposal Preparation
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Proposal preparation including fee estimates & signing off service agreement
Step 3 : Allocation of Brillion Team Members
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Allocation of Brillion team members to support client needs
Step 4 : Periodic Updates and Meetings with Clients
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Periodic updates and meetings with clients on progress & deadlines
Step 5 : Review, Discussion and Finalization
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Review, discussion and finalization of deliverables with clients
Step 6 : Follow up after Service Delivery
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Follow up after service delivery and continuous communication on future plans
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